Goods lift

  • Hydraulic lifts provide reliable and economical vertical lifting for mezzanines, balconies, and other two-level applications.
  • Our hydraulic lifts offer heavy-duty construction and advanced safety technology with proven reliability.
  • Carriage is lifted and lowered by two hydraulic cylinders mounted on the guide columns.
  • Built-in, advanced safety features protect workers and materials. Access gates at each level are interlocked with lift operation.
  • Velocity fuses prevent uncontrolled carriage descent in the unlikely event of a total hydraulic hose rupture.
Goods Lift : Space Age is one of the leading manufacturers and supplier of Goods Lifting platforms which are absolutely safe and easier to use. These Goods Lifts are used among an uncountable number of reputed customers owing to their high performance and cost effectiveness. These Goods Lifts are designed and developed by highly qualified engineers and personnel who have complete knowledge of the latest industry requirements.