Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing is here to stay and evolving every day, its an important tool for surviving & winning in the ever more competitive manufacturing world that we live in.

The Traditional mass-storage structures, static racks are replaced by flow storage units which aesthetic, highly configurable, ergonomic and light weight.

Unit designs can be large enough to hold a multitude of different parts, small enough to fit in congested locations.

Creating a continuous flow of parts is the cornerstone in any Lean implementation project, Continuous flow is the opposite of batch processing.

In a continuous flow environment, work is synchronized so that pieces flow smoothly from one process to the next with no lag time.

The goal is to eliminate the build-up of inventory and capital between work processes.

Flow rack units provide easy visual detection. Low parts-on-hand inventory levels to help assure timely refill and maintain a continuous flow of components, last but not the least First-in-First-Out rotation of inventory. Popularly known as FIFO rack.

Line Side Racks, Lean Workbenches, Lean Trolleys, Lean Supermarkets are central to our offering.