Order Fulfilment Lines

  • Increase warehouse productivity. ideal for JIT despatches
  • Improve picking accuracy up to 99,99%
  • Enable you to deliver higher customer service levels
  • Space saving & compact - There are no intermediate Aisles
  • Zero Energy consumption due to gravity flow of cartons
  • Automatic First-in-First-out Stock Rotation
  • Shorter picking route, lesser cost-per-pick, Efficient picking
  • Return on investment - within 2 years
  • Paper less picking with Pick-to-Light integration

Method Used

  • FIFO (first in, first out) pick faces
  • Shorter picking routes, less walking, less searching, lower cost per pick
  • An ergonomic custom made pick face designed to suit your products
  • Faster picking access due to highly flexible and variable roller tracks,
  • Can be used for picking smalland medium sized items
  • Designed with solutions for both standard and heavy duty applications